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Guangzhou Tandberg Electronic Components Co., Ltd. (GTEC), being a responsible manufacturer, the company established and implemented environmental management system. The company is committed to:

●  Comply with compliance obligations including relevant environmental legislation and regulation, etc.
●  Devote to the protection of environment, prevent and reduce pollution and optimize the use of   

    natural resources.
●  Employ the product design and process design that create minimum impact to the environment. 
●  Implement 5R practices of recycle, reuse, reduce, rework and replace at specified area.
●  Establish objectives & targets for energy saving & control of significant environmental aspects,

    strive for continuous improvement through regular review of the effectiveness of environmental

●  Strictly control and minimize the waste water, chemical waste and solid waste associated with

    the manufacturing process.
●  Cooperate with customers and suppliers, to
continuously improve the environmental effects of our

●  Continually improve our environmental management system for achieving higher environmental




Annual Operation Report


Environmental Performance Report of GTEC (Mar 2018).pdf

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