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Commitment to RBA Code of Conduct
Guangzhou Tandberg Electronic Components Co., Ltd. (GTEC) is committed to promote excellent corporate governance continuously, comply with the RBA Code of Conduct in Labor & Ethics, take social responsibility, ensure the labor rights and interests of employee, establish communication mechanism and promote a harmonious labor relation. GTEC also commits to:

●  Respect freely chosen employment, avoid the use of child labor, protect the young employee, establish reasonable working

   hours, wages and benefits system, ensure humane treatment, fair treatment and non-discrimination to all employees,

   allow freedom of association for employee in accordance with local laws;

●  Promote business integrity, refuse improper advantage, disclose information in accordance with regulations and prevailing
   industrial practices, respect and protect intellectual property, uphold the standards of fair business, advertising and
   competition, set up measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of personal privacy and whistleblower,
   exercise due diligence on the source of Minerals and make such measures available to customers upon request.

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