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As stated in GTEC’s Quality Policy, our quality goal is simple, clear and straight forward. That is "To produce and deliver products that will fully conform to customer requirements". 

To achieve this we deploy our quality management system from

the start of the process with our suppliers, throughout the manufacturing processes until the product is delivered to our customer.  The SQE will work together with the piece part engineers and suppliers to ensure proper quality control strategy

is well communicated and defined in our suppliers' quality plan.  Quality engineers are also involved in the new project team, assuring the manufacturing process control is consistent with the product requirements.


Quality Control Strategies:
●   Supplier PMP establishment and monitoring
●   Supplier Process CPK & SPC for critical parameters
●   Dynamic Supplier Quality Verification Plan (SQVP)
●   Quality Plan for product and manufacturing process control
●   Real time data collection and monitoring
●   In-process and finished goods sampling quality audit
●   100% visual and test


Quality Records:
●   Supplier outgoing report
●   Incoming inspection report
●   In-process data
●   Ongoing Reliability Test (ORT)
●   Out of Box Audit (OBA)
●   Average Return Rate (ARR)
●   Average Failure Rate (AFR)


●   ISO 9001
●   ISO 14001
●   OHS 18001





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